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A few elements of being high wrong!

Well...i find it so random at the start.But come on! Joints dont get u that high.You can smoke a lung or a bong and not even trip out like that.You can see little things by amagining,but that was a mild shroom trip.And it was disgusting.

trippy when stoned!!

That is the trippiest shit!!i wached it wen i was stoned

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kriech die zuchen id woild der klaushen ka.


This is fun,action packed and my favorite!

Awesome high game

Im not too sure about the cocain but the weed one was good.Whenever i blaze up some MJ,we usually get purple haze or acapulco gold(really good shit) and we get wrecked.Its true that you imagine peoples heads spinning and heads blowing off,thats what makes you laugh!Also,you should make one where they put you in the high bubble.If u know what it is.

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i refrain from not voting.

Because your music is too powerful and i just love the energy!!!!

and out came a baby.

Aww this baby is so sweet.Where do u think its good looks come from.lol..

This is sweet!!

Song is so sweet and yummy.this was a very delicious cookie.thanks,your cookies r always the best

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good work

i was high wen i loked at this and it really is the greatest.lol...i was high when i wrote this

bitterritter responds:

Ha Ha! Right on man. Thanks very much for the support. I appreciate it!

Deadly and cute

I love how you outfittted the cat with heavy artillery.You should make more of him actually firing the weapons

shinkakakumei responds:

Hey thanks for the 10! I'm working on a new set of neko-chans to commemorate the birth of some new kittens. Look forward to it!!

I love this! Nice art and great car!

you've got an awesome art work going on here.And that car is an awesome one!

panchocr responds:

Glad you like it!

Well,if i could delete all the shitty tracks that i made in the past, i would.Because now,I've got some better audio.Very trippy stuff.

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